Five Secrets to Get Everyone on the Dance Floor at Your Wedding

by | Jul 6, 2022 | Wedding DJs

At SONUS Entertainment, we believe that the best way to make your wedding reception unique and memorable is to ensure the dance floor is full of fun, laughter, and dancing!

This blog post reveals five secrets to keeping your wedding guests out of their seats and dancing. – Keep reading!

1. Open the Dancefloor to Everyone After the First Dance:

Get people up and dancing as soon as your first dance is complete. This part of the evening should signal the beginning of the party and the opening of the dance floor.

Inviting everyone onto the floor can be done with a quick announcement by your wedding DJ or your bridal party dancing and dragging other guests onto the dance floor.

You should also pick epic party-starter music after your first dance or ask your DJ to play a tried and tested tune that fills the dancefloor.

2. Use your DJ to Motivate the Crowd and Announce the Opening of the Dance Floor:

Having your wedding DJ serve as MC is far more professional and authoritative than you trying to shout “dance floor is open” over the blasting music.

Your guests are more likely to follow directions from an experienced wedding DJ. They will look to your DJ instead of you or your spouse for announcements throughout the night. Your wedding day will proceed smoothly, and you can focus on enjoying every moment!

Besides knowing how to open the dance floor expertly, a balance of energy has to happen. The experienced MC knows how to adjust things and encourages the crowd to get out on the dance floor.

3. Dim the Lights – When the Dance Floor Opens:

Having a fantastic DJ who can motivate the crowd through announcements and music selection is critical. What else can you do to help to change the vibe and energy in the room to get everyone in the mood to dance?

A perfect way to add an element of excitement to your party is through dance floor lighting. Lighting not only makes the dance floor more appealing, but it can work like a blanket to calm shy guests and draw everyone simultaneously.

Dimming the room lights after the reception dinner and having lights and color illuminating the floor attracts people’s attention and pulls them in that direction. It’s like a big stamp on that spot that says, “It’s GO time, so get over here and party!”

To really crank things up a notch, add uplighting that changes color to the beat of the music. Uplights get you the best of both worlds – a touch of class during dinner and a club vibe during the afterparty.

4. Attempt to Do the Formalities Early:

If you want to keep your guests dancing, please do not let formalities break up the dancing! Any interruption in the dance party can kill momentum and put your DJ in the challenge of getting that moment back again and getting those guests back on the set.

So consider having your cake cut as soon as you enter the room. Don’t interrupt the flow for toasts, speeches, extra desserts, or a second hot meal, especially if your party is in full effect with a packed dance floor. Everything you want your guests’ attention for should happen before you invite your guests to the dance floor.

5. Be A Good Example:

The biggest reason people don’t dance at the reception party for an extended time is that the happy couple is not there. Make sure you are the first ones on the dance floor as soon as your DJ starts pumping music and the last ones off at the end of the night – of course, you can take breaks to rest your feet :).

Greet and mingle with your guests and take wedding group photos during cocktail hour or dinner. That way, you’ll be free to hit the floor and can spend more time with your loved ones there.

Final Thoughts:

A wedding dance floor packed with guests is the ultimate sign of a memorable party. Hire a reliable and professional wedding DJ to ensure everybody will dance at your wedding.

We think it’s worth mentioning that all of our DJs know how to read the crowd and keep the momentum on a dancefloor so that everybody can dance all night long. You can contact us to book the finest DJ for your wedding!

Did we miss something important? Tell us below! We’d love to hear your tips on how to keep the dance floor packed at your wedding.


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