Trained MCs

We’ve seen and hosted hundreds of different events. And every one has been unique. So they all require an individualized approach.

Endless Music

It’s hard to overstate how much music we have. But you can rest assured that if you have a vibe in mind, we have the music to match it.

Mobile Gear

Our gear is designed with mobility and versatility in mind. And that’s crucial when no two venues are exactly the same.

Simple Planning

Using out online planning system, we can make sure your event play out exactly how you envision it. With no unexpected surprises.

Wireless Mics

Often one of the most important factors in event success is the least appreciated: the mic. Don’t risk a mic just cutting out.

Anything Else

No matter what your event needs are, we want to help. Let us know what makes your event unique and we’ll take it from there.

Real Event Experience

Why SONUS Events

Have you ever been to a party that could’ve been great, but the DJ was stiff and awkward? Or a wedding where the DJ was just too casual?  Every event is different and every event needs a unique approach.  And that’s something we understand. When you’ve successfully DJed as many events as we have, it’s impossible not to understand that.

Corporate Events

No conference or retreat should be a drab affair.  The right music and presentation is what makes any corporate event memorable. And that’s something we create. Bring the team together with awesome music and fun vibes.


There’s no reason you shouldn’t have the wedding entertainment you imagine.  After personally witnessing many weddings falling flat due to lackluster DJing, we knew we had to take action.  Witnessing weddings like that is what inspired us to start offering wedding DJ services in the first place. And our wedding services are still something we pride ourselves in. Because we know they’re the best out there.

Private Parties

From backyard parties to holiday soirees, we can host and rock any private event. No matter the size.

Upcoming Events? We Can Help!

The Absolute Best Entertainment Services


If you're looking for more than just the best music and MCing, take a look at what we offer.  Save money and stress with one of our lighting packages.

Detailed Pricing Information

Expand the sections below to read more detail about our pricing for each service.

Detailed DJ Services Pricing


  • $895 Most dates. $995 for peak Saturdays in the months of April through October.


  • Photo Booth - Starts at $450 Click here for more info
  • Uplights - Starts at $450 Click here for more info
  • LED Dance floor lighting - lighting that is synced to the beat of the music - $200
  • Additional Hours - $195 per hour
  • Ceremony in a Different Location - Required when you are using our microphone, our speakers, or having us play music for your ceremony outside on the same property, in a different room from the reception, or in the same room as the reception and we will be required to move or relocate equipment between the ceremony and the reception - $200
  • Ceremony in the Same Location - Required when you are using our microphone, our speakers, or having us play music for your ceremony in the same room as the reception and we will not be required to move or relocate equipment between the ceremony and the reception - Free
  • Extra Microphone for Ceremony - Add a second microphone system for your ceremony and get your choice of 2 clip-on microphones or 1 microphone on a stand and 1 clip-on microphone. Clip-on microphones only available when purchasing this add-on - $150
  • Extra Speakers - Suggested in your reception room for guest lists over 250 or for very large rooms - $95 per speaker
Detailed Photo Booth Pricing


  • $450 when booked with DJ service
  • $500 as a standalone service
  • Prices are plus tax when prints or USB drive of photos are included


  • All prices are plus tax when applicable
  • On-site 2” x 6” prints - $350
    • Nothing beats a take-home memento
  • Backdrop  - $50
    • A simple sparkly backdrop available in gold or silver, red, blue, white, or black
  • USB drive of photo booth photos - $29
    • Delivered by mail after the event
  • Upgrade to 4" x 6" prints - $99 for up to 5 hours
    • $29 for each extra hour
  • Completely custom print template - $49 and up
    • You provide the design and we will work with you to get it working with our photo booth, or we can create something special just for you
    • Prices vary based on the amount of customization desired
  • Custom photo booth screen skins - $49 and up
    • Want to totally brand our photo booth? We can make that work!
    • Prices vary based on the amount of customization desired
Detailed Event Lighting Pricing


  • $450 - when booked with DJ
  • $500 - standalone service


Ryan was great to work with! He was organized, professional, and fun! We had a lot of specific details that we requested of him, and he remembered and executed them all! The music was great – we got a lot of compliments on it from guests. We loved the planning system they used! Fair price. Highly recommend.

Megan H

Excellent across the board! Jillian was amazing. She was very attentive to details that we wanted, repeated info back to me to ensure accuracy, and was energetic and fun to work with. Everything came together perfectly- she helped make our day organized and personalized!

Rachel R

Jason at Sonus was AMAZING for our wedding. He was thorough with our preplanning meetings and was an all around nice guy to work with. He even helped with talking to our venue staff when I needed it. He kept the dance floor going and was did above and beyond what we asked. Sonus made our wedding the best party and a wonderful day!

Deedra O

Party of the Year: Just Push Play

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