Why Hire SONUS Entertainment?


SONUS Entertainment was founded in 2012 when Jason Murray and Ryan Jurden were sick of attending friends’ weddings with cheesy music played by a lazy DJ sitting on a chair behind a computer. The sound system was fuzzy and the lighting effects were out-of-date.

Jason and Ryan made it their goal to be better than every DJ they had ever seen at a wedding. Today, SONUS Entertainment has top-quality equipment, motivated and energetic DJs and modern lighting effects. Every event is unique. That’s why we allow you to customize every part of your event, from the playlist to the timeline, the equipment we provide and even our attire.

We promise that your event will be handled by one of the highly-trained SONUS Entertainment DJs who knows how to read your crowd for the best music selection and professionally interact with your guests to provide top quality service that is not the center of attention, but instead enhances your event. Our DJ team will also meet with you in advance of your event to go over every detail so that you can rest easy knowing everything is taken care of.

We are excited to help make your event your own, we hope you’ll get in touch to find out more about SONUS Entertainment!

SONUS Entertainment gives you:

•The best sound system for any location, from a coffee house to an arena.
•An audio system that provides up to 5,400 watts of audio amplification, which is powerful enough for a large school gymnasium. If you need a sound system for a larger venue, then we can arrange one powerful enough to fill any space.
•A light show that will dazzle your guests, with a multi-colored premium lighting setup featuring moving lights, dancing lights, a color changing DJ booth, and much more.
•A digital music library containing over 5,000 top-quality songs, with access to over two million more. And,  It doesn’t stop there. If by chance you have guests that want to hear a song we don’t have, we will download it on the spot.
•The best service for all communities in Ohio, neighboring states and their major metropolitan areas.

Most importantly, we don’t subcontract other DJs or DJ companies to handle your special event.  Our company is owned and operated by locals Jason Murray and Ryan Jurden, along with their employee DJs. Our employee DJs work exclusively for us, are trained by us and can deliver the same high-quality DJ entertainment experience we promise to our customers.

We are professional, courteous, and friendly to both you and your guests. Our clients have told us time and time again that we’ve done a great job turning their vision for the evening into a reality. We work closely with other vendors readying them for the various parts of the evening. Our goal is for everyone to leave impressed by your event, especially you! We look forward to working with you.