You can spend a lot of money on a photo booth for your event. Some companies in central Ohio charge over $1,000 just for 4 hours of photo booth service.

And then there's SONUS Entertainment's way of doing things: The right way for the right price.

All of our photo booth packages include

  • 4 hours of photo booth service
  • Unlimited sessions and a print for each guest that requests one
  • A knowledgeable, polite, friendly and professional photo booth attendant
  • Our well-maintained and professional walk-through photo booth - this is not a "DIY" photo booth
  • Real 2" x 6" photo strips on real photo paper
  • A customized print template with your name and event date, hundreds of templates to choose from
  • Sharing station  - a station where your guests can share their pictures when they leave the photo booth, allowing more sessions per hour
  • Photos uploaded to our online event gallery for sharing, downloading and reprinting after the event
  • A simple sparkly backdrop available in a one of several of colors - this replaces the outdated plain curtains of older photo booths
  • Setup and disassembly of the photo booth
  • Travel to Franklin, Delaware and Union counties

Sample images of photo booth exterior provided by Snap Flash Photo Booth


All prices are plus tax.

We only have one photo booth, and when it is booked, it's booked!

When booked without DJ service, a $100 discount applies for Sunday - Friday events or a $100 discount applies for events between November 1 and March 31. Both discounts exclude holidays and holiday eves.

Current photo booth prices valid for events in 2017-2018.


All prices are plus tax.

  • Additional hours - $95
  • Idle time - $49 per hour, minimum 30 consecutive minutes - have us shut your photo booth down during certain parts of the night and pay less per hour if you want to extend your event by the same amount of time
  • USB drive of photo booth photos - $29 - delivered by mail after the event
  • Upgrade to 4" x 6" prints - $99 for base session, $29 for each extra hour
  • Completely custom print template - $49 and up - you provide the design and we will work with you to get it working with our photo booth, or we can create something special just for you - Prices vary based on the amount of customization desired
  • Custom photo booth screen skins - $49 and up - want to totally brand our photo booth? We can make that work! Prices vary based on the amount of customization desired


  • What is a walk-through photo booth?
    • A walk-through photo booth does not have curtains surrounding the area where your guests will stand while having their photo taken. This means that your guest can just "walk through" the booth. It allows for more guests to fit in the shot, encourages more guests to participate and takes up less space than the older traditional booth made of curtains.
  • What backdrop colors do you have available?
    • All of our backdrop are sparkly sequin backdrops, and we currently have black, white, navy blue, red, silver, and gold.
  • Do you provide props?
    • We think that you and your guests probably don't want to wear or hold props that have been worn by hundreds of other people, so we will allow for you to provide your own props if you want props at your event. You can get prop kits online for less than $20. Some props even make great party favors if you buy enough.
  • What is idle time and why might I want it?
    • If you want us to shut down your photo booth during a portion of your event and not pay full-price for additional time outside of our four-hour package, we offer idle time. Let's say you have us scheduled for your wedding from 4:30-9:30 p.m for a total of 5 hours. You would like us to shut the booth down for 30 minutes at 5:30 pm when the bridal party arrives and toasts and speeches are happening and for another 30 minutes at 7:00 when the first dances are happening. Instead of paying $75 for that fifth hour, you can pay us $39 for the idle time instead, and move the fourth hour that you already paid for to the end of the night.
  • I want your services for less than 4 hours. Can I get the photo booth for a lower price?
    • While we can accommodate your schedule, we don't offer a discount for using the photo booth for less than 4 hours.